Employee Giving

Support a cause and strengthen your workplace community

Jennifer Webb

"I give to the General Scholarship Fund in the Art & Design Department because I know how much it means for our students to be supported inside and outside the classroom. The scholarship funds allow our students to study abroad, buy much needed art & design supplies, or attend design camp. Even a small donation can have a big impact."

Jennifer Web, Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art and Design

Praveen Aggarwal


"To me, giving is a simple act of acknowledgement of all that I have received over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the generous and selfless support of those who cared about me. When I give, I honor those who believed in me. It is my small way of conveying my heartfelt gratitude to them."

Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, LSBE Associate Dean

Join your colleagues and make a difference!

Every day, the University of Minnesota Duluth transforms lives, advances new approaches to research, protects and sustains our planet, and drives innovation. And every day, we faculty and staff members bring these objectives to life. DrivenThe Campaign for University of Minnesota Duluth gives us the opportunity to shine a light on our work, build our community, and renew our commitment to the future by providing additional financial support.

Support the areas that mean the most to you. Make a monthly or one-time gift, or give through payroll deduction. Every gift counts!

Employee giving FAQ

Why are faculty and staff being asked to participate in the Driven campaign?

Faculty and staff already support UMD programs and students. This giving initiative is a way to invite others to join, tell their stories, and to convey the importance of faculty and staff giving to the University.

Because of their affiliation, employee participation in giving sends a strong message to other constituents—alumni, friends, parents, students, foundations, corporations, and legislators—that faculty and staff support the vision and direction of the University and are committed to its ongoing excellence.

What do gifts support and how will gifts be used?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to give to any area that is important to them. Gifts to any UMD collegiate unit, department, or purpose count. Click here to search for an area to support.

What are the goals for the faculty staff campaign?

Our overriding goal is to deepen the culture and habit of giving among faculty and staff that will live on beyond the scope of Driven. Every gift, no matter the size, brings us closer to realizing this vision. Our primary strategy is to increase overall giving participation among all employees, active and retired.

Since the Driven campaign launched in 2011, more than 700 faculty and staff have given to UMD. This participation demonstrates employees’ commitment to the mission of the University.

Who is being asked to give?

We are inviting all faculty and staff—all employee classifications, part-time and full-time—plus University retirees, to participate.

When will faculty and staff be invited to give?

Employees can give to the University at any time of year. Employees will be invited to give on Give to the Max Day, which is in November each year. Employees may also receive additional communication from areas they support at the U.

Why are employees being asked to give when they already give their time and expertise?

First, the University of Minnesota Duluth is a nonprofit. It increasingly relies on private support to sustain its levels of excellence. As a nonprofit, UMD is transforming lives, advancing new approaches to research, protecting and sustaining our planet, and driving innovation. Faculty, staff, and retirees play a special role at the heart of this work. This campaign gives us the opportunity to bring to light the power of the work faculty and staff do every day and celebrate the tremendous commitment they have to the work UMD is doing by providing personal financial support.

Secondly, faculty and staff financial support represents much more than dollars. Employee participation is also about signaling the critical role faculty and staff members play as the heart of the institution. 

How can faculty and staff give?

  • Recurring credit card, biweekly payroll deduction, and one-time credit card gifts can all be set up online.

  • Employees are encouraged to support their favorite UMD causes and take advantage of matches and prizes available on the University’s giving day, Give to the Max Day.

  • Estate and planned gifts allow a donor to leave money or assets, including retirement plan assets, upon his or her death. For more information, contact UMD at 218-726-7989 or [email protected] .

  • Cash, check, or money order can be mailed, along with a gift form, to:

University of Minnesota Foundation
PO Box 860266
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0266


Is there a connection to Give to the Max Day?

Yes! University employees are strongly encouraged to support their favorite UMD causes on Give to the Max Day, Minnesota’s statewide day of giving. This day serves as the official kick-off of UMD’s employee giving campaign. This annual event takes place each November. For several years, UMD has embraced this day as the University’s giving day as well. Gifts that faculty and staff make to UMD funds on Give to the Max Day will count toward Driven and the faculty and staff campaign and will also be eligible for certain matches and prizes.