Student Support

Supporting UMD students now and in the future is one of the most important gifts you could make.  Beyond supporting scholarships to acknowledge academic achievement or financial need, there are many ways you can help ensure that UMD students receive the best possible education.

Honors Program

University Honors at UMD is designed to bring together students from many different majors, interests, and backgrounds and encourage them to learn broadly about human nature and society and to engage actively in their communities and academics.

Study Abroad

Above & beyond the international experience in the classroom, everything students take-in and learn outside of class will bring depth to their skills and knowledge that they can take with them for the rest of their life, in future education, career, and personal goals.

Student Emergency Fund

The University of Minnesota Duluth has created emergency funds to assist and support University of Minnesota Duluth students who encounter an unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic event.