Discovery happens on laptops and desktops, in dorm rooms and classrooms, at home and abroad.  Your scholarship and fellowship gifts transform the future by educating talented and diverse leaders and preparing them for tomorrow's workforce.  Students who receive scholarships:

  • Take on less debt.
  • Have the time and space to participate in activities that enrich their personal and professional lives.
  • More likely to graduate on time.

As a first generation college student, everything is a first: how to sign up for class, budget, seek financial aid, network, and support myself. This scholarship enabled me to work only one job this school year, and not take out any loans to further my education debt. This financial liberation is now helping me make my research abroad trip this summer possible, and it will be a once in a lifetime experience I will be grateful to have. It may lead me to qualify for a Fulbright fellowship after graduation, and all of this is possible with the support of the Raymond Darland All-American Scholarship.   

- Jessa Warner, Senior, Communication and Hispanic Studies Double Major 


With scholarships and fellowships available in a multitude of academic and interest areas, chances are you will find an existing scholarship or fellowship that you can support.  From scholarships that are specific to an area of study to scholarships that are available campus-wide; we welcome your generosity!