Faculty & Research

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Faculty offer the intellectual capital upon which strong programs, innovative research, and student success are built. They enable UMD to create a margin of excellence, improving the quality of education for our students, and enhancing the research opportunities available on our campus.

Establishing an endowed chair or professorship at the University of Minnesota Duluth is a meaningful way to permanently honor the memory of a beloved family member or to recognize an individual’s dedication to science and education.

Top faculty who hold endowed positions elevate the entire UMD community. They attract other passionate teachers and scholars. They ignite their students' curiosity.  Their cutting-edge discoveries turn the world's attention to our area, providing exceptional education opportunities for students, bringing in additional dollars in research grants and creating jobs.

To learn more about a gift that would endow a faculty position, please contact the UMD Development Office at 218-726-7989 or [email protected].


At UMD, our shared passion for discovery fuels innovation and creativity. Faculty and students work together to produce high-quality research that benefits people in Minnesota and beyond.

Support one of these world-class UMD research centers:

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