Swenson College of Science and Engineering

The Swenson College of Science and Engineering embodies:

  • Education: We prepare students for success by adhering to our strong tradition of teaching while incorporating active, hands-on experience and student research. Join us in building today’s workforce and tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Research: We partner with regional industry to solve problems with local, national and international impact. Join us in answering real-world challenges with real-world solutions.
  • Outreach: We serve Northern Minnesota and beyond by engaging in science education for 7-12 graders. Join us in building Minnesota’s science and engineering talent pool and creating opportunities for women and minorities in STEM.

Together, our investments in science and engineering education drive discovery in our students, our community and our world.

Department of Biology

The hub for fundamental biological sciences at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Biology is the largest major in the college with almost 700 students. Faculty and students in the Department of Biology conduct cutting-edge research and further our understanding of the natural world in fields from conservation to biomedical sciences. Your donations provide program support, student financial assistance, and assistance for student and faculty research, like the Biology Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology (BURST) program.

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Department of Chemical Engineering

Seeking excellence in engineering education and research by using modern, hands-on, and active learning experiences, UMD Chemical Engineering prepares students for professional success. We strive to ensure department graduates will protect the environment and hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public while working in chemicals, environment and fuel resources and in emerging industries based on new materials, semiconductors and biotechnology. Your donations support research, scholarships for students, and student activities, like the Chocolate Club.  

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Committed to providing an active learning process, Chemistry and Biochemistry at UMD does so through undergraduate research and networking activities. An excellent placement rate for graduates in jobs and professional and graduate school, shows that faculty members in fields ranging from Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry to Materials and Environmental Chemistry, and Biochemistry, are ensuring students have an optimum experience in classrooms and labs. Your support assists with student scholarships and research, like SURP - Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and funding for students to attend and present at conferences.  

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Department of Civil Engineering

Our faculty members are at the forefront of civil engineering research and innovatively teach students the hands-on skills needed to work in the field and the lab. Students participate in research and can make an immediate impact on our community, and senior design classes offer students the chance to partner with area businesses to collaborate and devise solutions for real-world problems. Making a gift to UMD civil engineering provides support for student scholarships and innovative programs like the Resilient Precast in the Curriculum Program (RPEC) certificate, and student group participation and competitions.

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Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is enthusiastic about the continually evolving field and the possibilities offered to UMD students. Students work side-by-side with faculty who have received national and international recognition, conducting cutting-edge research. They prepare for their profession through hands-on experience submitting journal articles and giving conference presentations. In addition to scholarship support, your donations provide research opportunities for students, like working in Dr. Khan’s lab to provide robots to nursing homes for interactive companionship and care.

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has a long history at UMD and takes great pride in a strong tradition of geology research, with many opportunities for field-based work and independent study. Along with environmental science, this interdisciplinary program also provides students with learning opportunities in the classroom and in the field. Our expanding faculty reflect a strong commitment to teaching and research in the most vital areas of earth science today. Your donations support scholarships and field camp, student research and field trips, and student recognition programs like the Tools of the Trade Award.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers challenging hands-on laboratory and design components, in conjunction with a thorough foundation in theory. Through research and scholarships, your donations equip students to be make lifelong contributions to their profession and to society. 

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is dedicated to providing excellent undergraduate and graduate programs and inspiring people of all backgrounds to pursue these fields. Mathematics reaches across science and engineering majors. To help students succeed, we offer a Math Prep program for low income, minority or first generation college freshmen prior to starting their college career. Our faculty prepare students by providing research opportunities along with their classwork. Making a gift to mathematics and statistics at UMD provides scholarships to our undergraduate students and helps recruit graduate students to our program.

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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Students in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering work one-on-one with faculty, do hands-on activities and learn how to use the equipment found in many industrial settings. With faculty mentors, they participate in research projects that take them to local, state and national conferences. In our community, students in senior design classes and the Duluth Shines program partner with area businesses to devise solutions for real-world problems. Your donations support student groups and projects, like Engineers Without Borders, provide scholarships and create opportunities for students to tour and collaborate with regional businesses.

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Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy advances scientific knowledge and innovation while educating the next generation of talented scientists. From Astrophysics and Cosmology, Computational and Theoretical Physics, to Physical Oceanography and Limnology, it is a department of discovery fueled by dynamic teaching. Our faculty conduct cutting-edge research, launch unique program, and build a supportive learning environment. Your support assists students with scholarships and graduate fellowships, provides technology in our teaching labs, and builds forward-leaning learning opportunities, like the Engineering Physics degree.

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Department of Aerospace Studies and AFROTC

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 420  at UMD provides the opportunity for students to learn about the United States Air Force while pursuing an undergraduate degree. The AFROTC curriculum is a university-based leadership development program designed to prepare students for challenging and rewarding careers as officers in today's high-tech United States Air Force. Upon completion of AFROTC and a degree program, students receive a commission into the United States Air Force. Your gifts to the UMD Det 420 AFROTC program provide scholarships.

Department of Aerospace Studies and AFROTC

Large Lakes Observatory (LLO)

The Large Lakes Observatory is one of the largest water-centered research units at the university and its impact has been felt all over the world. At LLO, faculty, staff, and students use specialized observational platforms, techniques and equipment to make measurements of the chemistry, biology, and physics of large lakes, including Lake Superior. It is the only institute in the country dedicated to the study of large lakes throughout the world. Your support enhances unique research opportunities for scientists, science and engineering undergraduate students, and graduate students in the Water Resources Science program.

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Advanced Materials Center

The Masters of Science in Applied Materials Science program at UMD incorporates physics, chemistry, biochemistry and engineering into the discovery, design and application of new materials. As part of the Swenson College of Science and Engineering, the Advanced Materials Center is committed to enhancing the research and educational opportunities in materials science for our faculty and students through innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative applied research. Your donations support graduate and undergraduate students through scholarships and fellowships, research grants and enhancements to the equipment and laboratories.

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Integrated Biosciences Program

The Integrated Biosciences Program offers students Masters or PhD degrees by connecting fields across the vast area of biological sciences. Graduates are able to use a multi-pronged approach to the study of living organisms, from molecules to ecosystems. Faculty from across the University of Minnesota system are part of the program and represent diverse areas including: Natural Resources Research Institute, Environmental Protection Agency, College of Pharmacy, and School of Medicine, in addition to science and engineering. Your gift to the Integrated Biosciences Program provides for student fellowships, student and faculty research and program support. 

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